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Dixie Cullen offers many value-added services.

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Our commitment to providing top-notch service is unwavering, and our team at Dixie Cullen works tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction. With our extensive experience and expertise in industrial storage solutions, we stand ready to handle even the most complex storage challenges you may face. Trust us to safeguard your valuable assets and streamline your operations with our reliable and cost-effective storage options. Let Dixie Cullen be your partner in optimizing your industrial storage needs and take your business to new heights.

Heavy Lift Capabilities

Our team at Dixie Cullen takes pride in our ability to handle a wide range of equipment and materials, no matter the size or weight. With over 200 tons of lift capability both inside and outside, you can trust us to move your equipment with ease and precision. In addition to our impressive lift capacity, we also have a variety of spreader beams, lifting chains, straps, and other equipment to ensure that your materials are handled safely and securely. You can rely on us to provide expert handling solutions for all your heavy lift material handling needs.

Climate Controlled Storage

Our top priority is to provide optimal conditions for the storage of your assets. By keeping our climate-controlled storage between 65℉ to 76℉ and maintaining humidity levels at 60% or below, we aim to safeguard your items from any potential damage due to extreme temperatures or moisture. Our dedicated team diligently monitors these parameters multiple times a day to guarantee that your materials are stored in a secure and controlled environment, meeting the highest standards of care. You can rest assured that your items are in safe hands with us.

Foreign Trade Zone

Dixie Cullen, the largest Foreign Trade Zone foot print in Port Houston Foreign Trade Zone #84. We established our first FTZ in 2015, and help clients streamline the import and export processes. Benefits of utilizing an FTZ include, deferred duty payments, streamlined customs procedures, and improved inventory management. Dixie Cullen plays a crucial role in the global supply chain, offering exceptional service and innovative solutions for businesses navigating international trade.

Standard Inside Storage

Our facilities here at Dixie Cullen are designed to cater to a wide range of storage needs with over one million square feet under roof. We take great pride in ensuring that our spaces are well-maintained to prevent any leaks, provide a secure environment for all your stored materials. What sets us apart is our commitment to efficiency – most of our bays are equipped with overhead cranes, streamlining the process for loading and unloading materials with ease. This not only saves time but also ensures the safe handling of goods, making Dixie Cullen a reliable partner for all your storage requirements.

Standard Outside Storage

With over 50 acres of secured and stabilized outside storage space, you can trust that your items will be kept safe and secure. Our facility is equipped with mobile outside cranes boasting an impressive lift capacity of over 200 tons. This means we can efficiently handle even your heaviest materials with ease. Additionally, our fleet of forklifts is ready to assist in moving and organizing your materials to ensure they are stored safely and conveniently.


Our team at Dixie Cullen understands the importance of efficient and reliable transloading services for your imported goods. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure a seamless process for unstuffing your containers or flatracks. Once the material is in our capable hands, we carefully transfer it onto your choice of ground transportation, readying it for its onward journey to its final destination in a timely mannor. Trust Dixie Cullen for all your transloading needs, where precision and professionalism meet to support your logistics requirements.

Export Packing

Do you require assistance with preparing your materials for export, Dixie Cullen is here to help. We utilize ISPM 15 certified heat-treated lumber for blocking and bracing your materials. Additionally, we arrange for an NCB inspection of all flatracks. This ensures that your export materials meet all necessary regulations and are securely packed for safe transportation. Our team at Dixie Cullen is dedicated to providing top-notch service and ensuring that your items are well-prepared for their journey. You can trust us to handle the details so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Let us take the stress out of exporting for you.

Value-Added Services

Dixie Cullen provides extra services tailored to each customer and project. These services include personalized inventory management overseen by an assigned account manager, access to electricity for equipment, shrink wrapping or crating materials, among other value-added offerings.