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Dixie Cullen Interests

Safety First With Quality Services

What Does Dixie Cullen Do?

Dixie Cullen Interests is an industrial storage facility. Specializing in handling a diverse range of materials, from individual items to complete projects. We are equipped with machinery to handle a standard sized pallet to an Out Of Guage load. How can Dixie Cullen assist you today?

Why Choose Dixie Cullen For Your Indistrial Storage Needs?

Here at Dixie Cullen we offer a wide range of services, and we are willing to expand the services that we offer to better acomidate our customers.

  • 300,000 Sq Ft of Climate Control
  • Lift Capability Of Over 200 Ton
  • A Fleet Of Forklifts At Each Site
  • First Come First Serve
  • Over 1 Million Sq Ft Under Roof
  • Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)
  • CCTV Security At Each Location
  • Sprinkler Fire Protection
  • Personalized Inventory Tracking
  • Assigned Account Managers
  • Onsite Personnel 24/7
  • Access To Your Material

What you get with Dixie Cullen!

At Dixie Cullen, our commitment lies in prioritizing our customers and safeguarding their materials throughout their stay in our facility. While drayage services are not within our offerings, we actively engage with trucking companies to streamline communication for efficient handling of inbound and outbound loads. Additionally, we conduct thorough inspections upon material arrival and release to guarantee the integrity of your goods. Our array of services extends beyond, ensuring your materials are entrusted to capable hands.

About Us

Catherine James, the founder and CEO of Dixie Cullen Interests, established our company’s roots at the intersection of Dixie and Cullen. From this origin, Dixie Cullen Interests emerged. Since 1995, we have experienced remarkable growth, evolving from modest storage capacities to operating six facilities throughout the Houston, TX area, offering a diverse range of services. Catherine initially ventured into the project relocation sector at a young age, recognizing the necessity of storing equipment until its new destination was ready. As time progressed, we responded to customer needs by continually enhancing our service offerings. Today, we remain dedicated to expanding our services to meet the ongoing demands of our valued clientele.