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Here at Dixie Cullen Interests, we want you to have all the exciting news of what is happening in our warehouse. That is why we have started DCI Blog and Video Blogs. So everyone who visits our site can share in the how and what that makes Dixie Cullen Interests special.


This week at Dixie Cullen we had a lot of fun preparing some flat racks and loading two massive Mazak machines. One was a Cybertech Turn 5500M and the other a Quick Turn Nexis 450. These are enormous lathes designed to trim and sculpt, with a circular groove cutter, long workpieces such as those found in the oil industry.

The CT 5500M was about 33 feet by 8 feet by 9 feet weighing in at about 71,000 lbs. The QUN 450 was 23 feet by 8 feet by 8 feet weighing in at 32,000 lbs.

This is a step-by-step process to prepare our customers’ orders to be shipped by Export Packing that our professionally trained workers excel at. The Export Packing process begins when the flat rack (a long steel support stand made for shipping large products) arrives. We then use our overhead cranes to lift and place the customers’ shipment. Once it is placed our staff begins the blocking and bracing stage by securing and stabilizing the product; with the use of timbers on each side of the cargo, and by the use of chains and web lashings. There has to be enough chain or web lashings to be able to handle more than double the weight of cargo before it could possibly break. This ensures the safety of our customer’s products.

For more information on the securing process please visit

Afterward, a cargo inspector thoroughly examines and checks to make sure the proper protocol is used for fashioning and securing the product. After informing our customer that their shipment has passed inspection, a semi-truck is sent to acquire the product. We then carefully place our customer’s item on the truck, pass off the inspectors’ report, and off it goes!

Dixie Cullen Interests thrives on this and other means of pleasing our customers at every turn. If you are interested in storing any of your overstock industrial products, items taking up floor space, in need of Export Packing, and more please feel free to contact Dixie Cullen for your storage needs.
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Blog and Video Blogs.

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Dixie Cullen Interests is your answer to any temporary or long-term storage needs you have for equipment in Houston, Texas. We are in a unique position to offer our clients a well-rounded service package that can be tailored to your specific requirements. We take your individual needs and combine our services to handle all of your material, machinery, and equipment. Let Dixie Cullen can make the process of storage and distribution as painless for you as possible. Now offering FTZ, climate control, standard inside, and fenced outside areas for your goods. All our properties are monitored and secure.

The drivers as well as myself just wanted to pass along how wonderful Dixie Cullen in Houston has been with our generator shipments. The gentlemen who load the shipments out treat the divers with the upmost respect. They load in such a timely manner which helps keep everything on track for deliveries as well as assist beautifully with dropping the tarps which is so important from a safety aspect.
Jennifer C.
Thank-you for making this visit happen. Very happy with the storage of the equipment and your facility.
Cameron S.