What is FTZ?

A “Foreign Trade Zone” or “Free Trade Zone” is a special economic zone, which means it has benefits for those who use it, namely not having to pay import taxes or duties until it is released for domestic consumption.

It is also an area where foreign or domestic goods may be landed, stored, handled, manufactured, or reconfigured and re-exported without said duties. (Harbor fees still apply.)

An FTZ is considered international commerce but will still fall under the jurisdiction of local, state, and/or federal governments and agencies.

There are many benefits to placing your material into a Foreign Trade Zone and are used by many that plan to reexported in the future. There are entities that are in place that will keep your material protected and organized. The convenience of being able to hold off paying duties until you are ready to receive your cargo may have many positive effects for those who choose to utilize an FTZ.

For more information, please check outCustoms Border Protection or NAFTZ.

There are many benefits to including an FTZ as part of your import program. Should your plans be to export this equipment to another country, or just delay the duties until ready to be released for domestic shipment. This allows for positive effects no the bottom-line cost for your project.

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Overview of Company Philosophy
Dixie Cullen Interests is your answer to any temporary or long-term storage needs you have for equipment in Houston, Texas. We are in a unique position to offer our clients a well-rounded service package that can be tailored to your specific requirements. We take your individual needs and combine our services to handle all of your material, machinery, and equipment. Let Dixie Cullen can make the process of storage and distribution as painless for you as possible. Now offering FTZ, climate control, standard inside, and fenced outside areas for your goods. All our properties are monitored and secure.

The drivers as well as myself just wanted to pass along how wonderful Dixie Cullen in Houston has been with our generator shipments. The gentlemen who load the shipments out treat the divers with the upmost respect. They load in such a timely manner which helps keep everything on track for deliveries as well as assist beautifully with dropping the tarps which is so important from a safety aspect.
Jennifer C.
Thank-you for making this visit happen. Very happy with the storage of the equipment and your facility.
Cameron S.