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Our warehouse facility has over 200,000 square feet specifically designed to service the industrial storage needs of industry for machinery, steel, equipment, product and material. Trucks arriving and departing our facility, with the use of our Heavy Duty Overhead Cranes, are expedited upon their arrival, providing substantial cost savings to our customers.

We service customers from around the globe. Machinery Dealers, Manufacturers, Importers and brokers find that they can consider our warehouse facility an extension of their own operations.

Our fenced in yard permits customers to use our facility for outside storage of equipment, construction equipment and containers that they do not require to be stored inside.

The close proximity to the Port of Houston has allowed us to set up distribution for many international company's who ship their material in by container loads, to have us pull, store and reship in small lots as needed by their US customers thus saving time and expense for everyone involved.

NAFTA has permitted many of our customers who are importing into Mexico to bring their product in through the Port of Houston for shipment via trucks down to Mexico. We offer transloading services at our warehouse for the convenience of customers who wish to use this type of service.

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