Export Packing and Containerizing

Export packing and containerizing is routinely handled by our experienced employees.

Have a project coming up or an industrial plant relocation on the horizon? We can assist you in making the best use of each and every cube. Our quality export packing allows for stacking and long duration storage. Boxes and Containers are designed and packed to save as much cube space as possible for shipments, we even install sub-sub floors when feasible.

Our 400,000 square feet warehouse space has ample room to handle your Export Preparation requirements and to make every project run smooth and efficient meeting your desired deadlines.

One of our quickest growing services is the "Transloading" of Containers to truck and from Truck to Containers. We can handle direct transfers if both units are here at the same time or we can hold on our floor until the unit to be loaded arrives at our facility.

ISPM Certified

Export Packing and Containerizing image