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U.S. Department of Trade tours International Delegation....

The call requesting permission to bring an international delegation on a tour came at 4:30 in the evening. They requested a tour for 9am the next morning, thinking that it would be business as usual we made our plans accordingly.

Plans as usual, means 6 or less on the tour, so imagine our surprise when we checked the fax machine at 6:30 am and found out that this delegation consisted of 26 people from 21 countries. Not something that we are typically set up for on a short time line. However all of our people were mobilized, including one of our customers who was onsite that week for their project.

We prepared information packets to be given to the traveling delegates in which we included information not only about our Company and the services that we offer, but also about some of our customers.

When they arrived we had breakfast waiting and began our presentation. The project coordinator for our customer had called in his Sales office, who made it across town in time to make a brief presentation, he even stayed to help us with the tour of our facility answering questions about his project as we proceeded through the tour. The tour ended with 3 great sales leads for our customer, exposure for the balance of our customers, and several potential clients for our Company in the future.

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