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We're Expanding! 14 Overhead Cranes ranging from 5 Ton to 80 Ton overhead lift capacity.

Yes we're expanding! Back in 1995 when we acquired our 4300 Dixie Road facility and started our storage business the thought never crossed our minds that we would soon outgrow this facility.

In the past 6 years we have seen our business come full circle, bringing our primary focus back to industrial storage. Our Industrial Tenants will remain at the 4300 Dixie Drive address while our entire storage operation is being relocated to an additional 200,000 square foot warehouse, just a few miles away. This new facility will house 14 overhead cranes that will range in capacity from 5 ton to over 80 ton. The facility is designed with multiple overhead cranes in each bay.

Our new site 7600 Santa Fe, Building B, will be entirely dedicated to industrial storage. Our long time storage customers are growing and demanding more space while at the same time we are adding clients who are in need of our services. We felt that we owed it to you, our customers, to take on this expansion.

Square footage is not the only thing that we are expanding! For our steel and machinery customers we are increasing the number of overhead cranes and tonnage lift capacities that we will have available at our Dixie Road facility. For our product and material customers we are adding several new forklifts for our fleet to enable us to handle the extra flow of business without any decline in our quality of service.

Contact us today for all your industrial storage needs, we will be happy to prepare a quotation tailored to your specific requirements.

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