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Machinery Dealers and Manufacturers from across the Country store their surplus machinery in our warehouse facility. We store some very routine machines such as lathes, shears, press brakes, welding manipulators, furnaces, generators etc. However, our 80 Ton plus lift capacity permits us to store some very unique equipment. For example Mud Pumps, 2000 Ton Duck Sung Press Brake, 66 Mega Watt Power plant, complete production line, Roll Forming Lines . . . . . .. By combining multiple overhead cranes in a bay, we can greatly increase our lift capacity to well over 80 Ton.

Heavy Lift overhead cranes were installed with the storage of Industrial Machinery in mind. Our employees come from a machinery moving background and are experienced at handling machinery. We can handle from one machine to complete plant relocations and new plant installations, from 10 pounds to over 300,000 pound pieces.

Industrial Power onsite permits machines to be hooked to power for the purpose of test running machines when needed.

Your customers are free to inspect your equipment, upon your authorization, without you needing to make the trip to our warehouse facility (unless you choose to do so). Your machinery, if available for sale, will have additional exposure by being in our warehouse. We routinely have customers visiting our facility from all over the world. We also have regular tours by traveling International Purchasing delegations. When there is interest in your specific equipment we will forward you the potential customer contact information, and in turn also provide the potential buyer with your particulars.

Planning on holding a "liquidation" or "auction", we can assist you by being the host facility several of our customers routinely consolidate equipment from multiple plant locations at our warehouse facility, then hold an auction at our facility.




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